Dunsany Interactive is a small Irish indie studio. We focus on making games for mobile platforms, the web, linux, Mac OSX and Windows. We are now fully committed to bringing narrative to our games after publishing our first title Cut Throat Dominoes for the Blackberry mobile platform.

Our team is made up of the following members:

OliverOliver Plunkett:

Oliver is our writer, game designer, artist and a programmer. He spends a lot of time buried in his little notebook writing any idea that comes to mind. He has been playing games as long as he can remember and has always been fascinated by the intricate stories that games have shown him throughout his youth. Making games has always been his dream and so spends all his waking moments trying to make it a reality. He is self educated and has learnt how to achieve his goals through lots of effort and persistence.


John_profile_webJohn Felderhof:
John is our lead programmer, support programmer, and software architect, but most of the time he just programs. He has been honing his skills from a young age, and likes building games as a creative outlet for his talent. When not on the computer, he enjoys socializing with friends over a domino game, or going out fishing.



Steve Sabogal:

Steven is our 3D Artist and Animator and has been a veteran gamer since the good old days of Unreal Tournament. He absolutely loves 3D and has been crafting his skills for the past few years. He has worked on a number of freelance projects for the games industry and when not modeling (which is rare) he enjoys photography and Friday, round about pub time.