Desert Storm

Life, time and new software

ExampleWith life being pretty hectic at the moment with all the TV stuff, getting time to work has been certainly challenging. But Progress is being made and have been working on transferring my design documents to a new piece of software I bought called Articy:Draft. For a long time I have been looking for a way to simplify my design process and I think I have found it. I was pretty traditional in my approach by using lots of word documents and pieces of paper. Although it works and is what I would consider traditional, I found it rather messy. I am finding that with this new design process, putting my ideas to an understandable format has become a lot cleaner, faster and coherent. Once this structure is complete I will be putting mind to keyboard and continuing coding.

In other news, I am waiting on a new Graphics Tablet which will make the art process a lot easier. At the moment I am only limited to a touch pad on my laptop which is not exactly brilliant when it comes to art. I am really excited because it has multi-touch functionality which will allow me to control the canvas with my fingers while at the same time using the pen. This is a huge deal for me and can’t wait to get back to drawing again!